Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What are GEGs?

Google Educator Groups (or GEGs) are independently run communities of educators who share, inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology. Via face-to-face meet-ups and online activities to provide a way for primary or secondary school educators passionate about education and technology and share, learn, and collaborate with like-minded people and share, learn and collaborate together with them.

The GEG meet-ups (sometimes online) are often themed, whether it is a focus on a specific Google technology, practicing sharing lesson plans, or having a more practical hands­on experience. How a GEG meetup is run is up to the organising chapter and possibly its members and it could take a number of different forms. GEGs seek to inspire growth of the community by providing training, workshop and many different opportunities for educators in the hopes that these workshops will begin to foreshadow the learning, sharing and collaborating with other educators and other communities.

Why join?

Learn. Share. Inspire. Empower. These four words represent the essence of GEGs. Educators will build relationships with other educators and gain the necessary skills to use open technology to deliver the best possible education to their students.

If you are interested, join one of the GEGs near you. Better yet, join GEG West Bangkok now!

More information about GEGs can be found here.

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