This section contains the collection of answers to the most common questions that people ask about GEG West Bangkok events.

What is GEG?

Please visit this link as well as the GEG landing page to learn more.

Do I need a Google Account? 

Yes. While some of the activities we do do not require you to be online and logged-in, it is recommended that you sign-up for a gmail account (if you haven't got one yet).

Will the event be limited to Google Apps and third-party tools?

Not at all. We try our best to share, inspire, empower and provide learning. This may mean discovering, introducing and learning about other educational technologies.

Do I need to bring my laptop computer?

Yes. While we sometimes provide a limited number of Chromebooks for attendees. We won't be able to cater for all. Please bring your own laptop/notebook computer.

Do I need to bring a tablet or smartphone?

It depends. While mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones can do a lot of things, they may not be the best experience for you in all cases. You will be introduced to interesting apps, so by all means bring a mobile device to supplement your learning!

Is the event FREE?

Yes, absolutely! We try our best to bring GEG events to many people with the help of sponsors.

What is the dress code for the event?

Casual. We want you to be comfortable to move around. Flip flops, shorts, jeans, and t-shirts are okay.

Do you provide snacks, swags and prizes?

It depends. For most cases, some snacks, swags and prizes for friendly competitions are provided. This may vary for every event.

Can I invite some of my friends?

Yes. They are welcome to join.

Can I invite friends who are not tech-savvy?

Yes. We try our best to cater to people who aren't tech-savvy.

Can I invite my students?

Yes. Although most of our discussions will be teacher-focused, your students are welcome to join. It would be great to see how they would respond to events like this.

Will there be charging stations for my devices at the venue?

It depends. It is best that you charge your electronic devices as we might not have enough charging stations and venues tend to change for every event. For most cases, charging stations are available.

How do I start building my professional learning network (PLN)?

You are encouraged to meet new friends, connect with people and collaborate to build your personal learning network so be proactive in introducing yourself in the event and the online community. It might help to join GEG West Bangkok Community.

Do you have a Google+ Community?

Yes. Visit the community here.

Do you provide certificate of attendance/participation?

Yes. A certificate of attendance/participation will be provided.

Is it okay to post or tweet about the event?

Yes, absolutely! Please use hashtags #GEGWestBKK or #GEGWestBangkok. Use these hashtags when you post to your social media.

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