Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Revisiting the first Meetup

A productive one to say the least!

What's that? You would like some descriptive words to sum up our first Meetup? How about inspirational, educational, unexpected, interesting, social, caffeine driven, Googlelicious, busy and well attended... How's that for some Descriptive language!

Our first GEG West Bangkok has been a very successful one, meeting at Mathayom Watnairong English Program school, this meeting saw people from different levels of expertise and different stages in their EdTech journey, join hands to learn and share ideas.

Here's a Gallery with some of the Photos of our Meeting to give you an idea of what such a get together might look like.


Here's an overview of the topics discussed:

Everybody enjoyed the unconference part of the meetup. Getting everyone to participate in pitching their ideas on what to share or present, which session to join and which session to skip, as well as what to contribute to a session was pretty amazing during the unconference. We saw people sharing, asking questions, contributing, and learning something new.

The discussion wrapped things up with the unconference and the Demo Slam gave everybody extras to take home. Literally, some of them took away some freebies!

Lastly, we want to give a big shout out to the people behind the scenes. Without them this meetup wouldn't be possible. A big thank you to Mr. Surapong Ngamsom and the rest of the Nairong School administrators for allowing to host the event at their school; Mrs. Narumol Dangsorn and the rest of the snacks team for making sure that we didn't go hungry; Mrs. Pisamai Mingmuang and the rest of her team for making sure all the technology, network, support was there; The rest of the people who participated and contributed; and lastly, the facilitators of the event namely: Davis Apas, Ark Osias, Ralf Siegesmund, Pattapong Thammasorn, and Sethi De Clercq.

More photos as well as videos here.

Watch out! The next meetup is coming very soon...