Friday, December 11, 2015

Thirsty Thursdays Next Event - Thursday 17th December 2015

The initiative of Thirsty Thursdays has been gaining a lot more momentum lately and thus we would love for you to join us!

What is "Thirsty Thursdays? What are we thirsty for? Why do we do this?"

Well let me answer those questions for you. First off, Thirsty Thursdays is an initiative by Various GEG's and GEG members based in Bangkok Thailand. As we have a lot of talented Educators based in this vibrant City, the idea behind Thirsty Thursdays is that we would share this knowledge and basically show our 'Thirst' for knowledge!

On selected Thursdays we sign up and get together for a Hangouts on Air and broadcast this session live for the world to view! Most of us will present or 'slam' and demonstrate a useful and helpful EdTech feature, app or function. 

If you would like to watch some of our previous HOA Sessions: You can find them by subscribing to the following YouTube Channel:

We of course love to welcome other educators to join with us during these sessions and they are By NO MEANS limited to GEG West Bangkok Members. If you would like to join one of our Thursdays let us know! We send out sign up forms ahead of time and the more the merrier!

As a matter of fact Our next Thirsty Thursdays will be next Thursday at 7 PM Bangkok Time! If you are ready to share some of your knowledge or are thirsty for tips and tricks please join us and fill out the form below: 

We are all looking forward to having you join our next events, either as presenter or viewer.

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